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White clay : excellent for your hair!


Generally known as kaolin, white clay is a mineral that comes in the form of fine gray powder.

Discovered in China, it is composed of aluminum silicates and is used in the production of porcelain. But it also serves other purposes. Cosmetics, notably.

Its application in cosmetics has a reputation for delivering sensational results.

However, when used in hair care, the response is similar. You guessed it right. Whether dealing with oily or dry hair. White clay brings joy to all who use it.

It soothes, regulates, and adds flexibility to the scalp. Even for those with problematic scalps. Easy to store, it is best to handle it with plastic or wooden utensils.

If you were looking to understand the usefulness of white clay and its action on hair, well, you’re on the right page.


The use of white clay and its benefits

White clay

The 6 benefits of white clay

As you might have suspected, when it comes to hair care, there is a wide range of options.

The downside is that not all of them are effective and therefore do not have a broad scope of action.

Quite the opposite of white clay. Its use has more than a few advantages.

  • It eliminates dandruff.
  • It soothes different types of scalps. Especially sensitive and dry ones.
  • White clay helps combat any scalp itching.
  • It brings more flexibility to the hair.
  • The volume of the hair is multiplied.
  • Keratin fiber is protected, and sebum production is regulated.

White clay

The benefits of clay for dry hair

You now know. Using white clay for hair is an investment that pays off. The best part is that it applies not to a particular type of hair but to all.

As for dry hair, applying white clay to it has the property of making it more flexible.

But also lighter. Since it is anti-inflammatory. This particularity allows it to act effectively on sensitive areas like the scalp.


The benefits of white clay for oily hair

If your hair is oily, it’s surely because it produces excess sebum. If that’s the case, then this section is for you.

Something worth improving. What better than white clay to remedy this.

By using white clay or kaolin on your hair, you will regulate sebum production. Thus, your hair will be less oily and even shinier and more hydrated.

They will be cleansed. And when that’s the case, the return of their radiance is more than evident.

Especially if you start using white clay as shampoo.


The use of white clay for hair

Given the advantages and properties that white clay offers, you would be wrong not to use it. And just as you already knew, there are two recipes you can use to revive your scalp.

White clay


Homemade white clay shampoo

Your hair speaks volumes about you. They are an integral part of your personality.

That’s why it’s important to take care of them as you already do. This first recipe aims to help you bring even more light to your hair. Spare no step.

To begin:

  • Buy white clay. You’ll agree it’s the basic ingredient to have.
  • You’ll also need vegetable glycerin.
  • Then, get wooden utensils. No metal. Clay in contact with metal reacts. This reaction could impair the properties of the clay. And when that happens, its action on your hair may be limited or altered.
  • Once that’s done, pour hot water into the jar. 25 cl to be more precise.
  • With a teaspoon, add a tiny bit of vegetable glycerin. Then add white clay with a tablespoon. Put in two.
  • If it’s good, all you have to do is stir. Stir until you get a liquid paste.

Under your shower, wet your hair. Then, gradually apply the paste. Massage your scalp.

When you judge it’s well done, rinse properly. That’s all.



Homemade white clay mask

This recipe is similar to the previous one. The difference as you read is that here it’s a mask. You’ll need the same ingredients except for vegetable glycerin.

Make the same mixture. Add clay to hot water. Stir until you get a liquid paste. As soon as you get there, apply it to the scalp. Massage well. The best for the lengths is to use a comb.

The step following hair massage is waiting. You must leave the mask on for a good fifteen minutes.

This waiting time will allow white clay to apply its properties to your hair. Lightness, softness, and flexibility.

After 15 minutes, go to the shower to rinse properly. With clear water. The exercise can be repeated once a week. It’s up to you to decide when to do it.


Two last tricks. The first is to add to the water used to rinse the hair, light drops of apple cider vinegar.

This addition will only make your hair heritage even shinier.

The second and last trick will allow you to give a pleasant scent to the mask.

All you have to do is add floral water to the clear rinsing water. If your mask smells good, your hair will undoubtedly smell as good.


In summary

The benefits of white clay are no longer unknown to you. Since they are suitable for all types of scalps, there should be no doubt about its impact.

It’s a safe and effective way to give your hair clarity and flexibility; it’s a sure way to overcome all your scalp problems.

Its cleansing virtues will allow you to come out more radiant than ever. But above all, to give excellent health to your hair, which will be invigorated.

Don’t wait too long to adopt it. One thing is certain, you won’t be disappointed.