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How to do a twist-out ? Easily !

twist out

A twist out first defines frizzy hair by braiding it into several twists or vanilles. Once undone, your hair is wavy, and doesn’t need detangling all week.

But you still need to get it right!

Don’t panic, here’s how to achieve the perfect twist-out in just 3 steps.

But before you get started, every hairstyle requires some preparation. There’s no need to get ready every Sunday evening at the last minute, hoping to have a mane transformed into a twist-out.


Step 1: prepare your hair

twist out


To achieve a twist out, preparation is the most important step. Ask yourself a few questions:

What’s your hair type ? Find out here.

  • Is your hair fine or thick ?
  • Does your hair (shrink) quickly or not ?
  • Does your hair take a long time to dry ?
  • What type of product is right for your hair ?

If you have fine hair, opt for a lotion that doesn’t weigh down your hair fiber. You can use a curling spray.

If you have thick hair, make sure it’s perfectly moisturized. If you don’t know how to moisturize your hair optimally, we give you 8 tips in this article.

Your choice of products also plays an important role in moisturizing your hair. Avoid hair products packed with chemical ingredients and silicones.

If you’re used to taking care of your hair on Sundays, don’t hesitate to pamper your mane (and yourself).

To begin with, you’ll need to make sure your hair care routine is adapted to your hair type (dry, fine, brittle, dull…). After washing your hair, a homemade mask or leave-in conditioner is ideal.

hair care tool

You can add a spray based on water and vegetable oil (the one of your choice) + use a cream.

The oil will seal in the moisture provided by the water and cream.

Bear in mind that the twist-out is a hairstyle that can last a good week, so your natural hair will need to be well moisturized.

Step 2: styling

twist out on natural hair


There are several ways to do your twist-out. It’s important to detangle your hair well to achieve optimum results. Use a moisturizing cream for your twists or vanilles.

Next, section your hair to the desired size for your twists.

Be careful, however, not to section your whole head symmetrically, or you’ll end up with visible partings – and that’s not the point.

For each section, after applying your hair product, make twists with your hair.

It wouldn’t be wise to prepare your hairstyle on a Sunday evening before going to bed – unless you’re an expert at it, you’ll be up most of the night.

Let’s get back to the steps. To make your twists, simply take a strand of hair, divide it in two, and twist from root to tip. Again, make sure your hair is well moisturized and detangled.

Pay particular attention to the ends, which are generally the driest and most fragile part of your hair, which explains hair loss and split ends.

Don’t hesitate to comb through again and add a little moisturizing cream before finishing your twist. Do the same for the rest of your head.


How long should vanilles be left on for a perfect twist out?

The length of time you leave your vanillas in should not be overlooked.

The thicker your hair, the longer you’ll need to leave your vanilles in. You can use a heated helmet to speed up setting time. If you want to air-dry your hair, it must be completely dry.


twist out

If you want to leave them overnight, cover your hair with a satin cap, which plays a protective role. Why should you do this?

Quite simply because the cotton materials (on your pillow) absorb moisture from your hair, causing it to dry out. In addition to becoming dry, moving around at night and rubbing your hair thins it out.

Step 3: undo the twists

twist out on curly hair steps

Your hair must be completely dry before you can undo your twists. Don’t worry, you’re almost there. All you have to do is gently separate your twists with your fingertips, starting with the ends.

The more you separate your twists, the more volume your hair will have, so it’s up to you to choose the volume that suits you.

If you want volume, separate your twists as much as possible. For definition, you’ll need to separate at the tracing level.


twist out avec volume sur cheveux afro


You’ll need a wide-tooth comb. Use it to gently lift your roots, masking demarcations and adding volume at the roots. That’s it!

The final step is to maintain your twist-out all week long.


How to maintain your twist out?

With all our busy days (work, kids, sport…), we don’t always think about pampering our hair. But you’ll need to if you want to keep those well-deserved curls.

The basic rule is: avoid over-manipulating your hair during the week, or you’ll end up with unruly hair and ruin your beautiful style.

In the evening, before going to bed, you can pull your hair into a bun, without pulling on the roots.

To maintain your twist-out, simply apply your spray (water + vegetable oil) and cream.

At night, remember to protect your hair to keep your curls longer, and to avoid hair breakage. The longer you keep your hair healthy, the better it will grow.

At the end of the day, hair care and styling differ according to hair type. To find out what works for you, all you have to do is try a few to find the one that’s right for you.

And you, what’s your method for a perfect twist out?