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8 ways to straighten short frizzy hair!

The possibilities for smoothing short frizzy hair are plentiful.

From using a straightening brush, a flat iron, or applying a specific smoothing treatment, you have numerous options.

Here are the various methods of smoothing available for short kinky hair:


Heat Straightening


To employ this method, you’ll need to use a flat iron. Consisting of two heating plates, this device allows for quick hair straightening.

It can be heated to over 200°C and comes in various materials. Type 3A hair : what you need to know! You can opt for a titanium or ceramic flat iron depending on your hair’s nature.

Although fast, this method can cause hair dryness. To protect your hair from heat, applying serum or other products to your mane is advisable.


Chemical Straightening

This technique should be performed by a professional for the desired result. Incorrect application can soften your hair.

Many methods are considered chemical, such as:

  • Brazilian straightening;
  • Korean straightening;
  • Luxter straightening;
  • American straightening.

For quality treatment, visiting an excellent hair salon is recommended. While it may be costly, the results are usually satisfactory.


Steam Straightening

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This technique involves using a steam straightener, which “hydrates” your hair during the process.

This electric device is as practical and advantageous as a regular flat iron. The steam it releases protects your hair from heat and provides necessary care for its health.

Before using a steam straightener, ensure your hair is thoroughly dry to avoid burning it.

Start by setting the straightener to a minimum temperature and gradually increase it until achieving the desired straightening.


Japanese Straightening

While not suitable for all hair types, Japanese straightening is one of the best techniques for straightening kinky hair.

Also known as the Yuko system, it lasts between four and six months and should only be applied by a professional due to its potential damage to the hair structure.

Make sure your hair is not colored or highlighted before applying Japanese straightening. Afterward, your hair will be smoother and straighter.


Tannin Straightening

Also known as taninoplasty, this method consists of natural substances, including vegetable tannin, obtained through maceration of grape skins, oak bark, and chestnut.

The tanin straightening also contains macadamia oil, keratin, and collagen, making it less aggressive to the hair fiber. When applied, it results in straighter and more hydrated hair.

Ensure proper conditions for successful straightening, such as shorter application time for fragile hair.


Silk Press

The silk press is a straightening method that aims to make your short kinky hair as shiny and silky as possible.

For this, you will need certain products such as a high-quality flat iron.

Next, you’ll need to follow a few steps to ensure your silk press is successful.

  • First, you need to prepare your hair by washing it with a clarifying shampoo;
  • Then, use a moisturizing mask with vegetable oil such as castor or jojoba oil;
  • Now, proceed to detangle and then dry the strands;
  • Finally, you move on to straightening your hair strand by strand.

By getting rid of split ends, you will also ensure good hair health.


Straightening Brush

This hair accessory serves both detangling and straightening purposes and can be used regardless of hair type.

Adjust the device’s temperature based on your hair’s nature, with temperatures up to 200°C for kinky hair.

Ensure dry hair without knots before use. For kinky hair, make about four passes on each strand for a smooth finish.


Hair Relaxing

Hair relaxing is a chemical technique to straighten kinky hair. Before application, avoid washing your hair for at least a week.

Once applied, hair relaxing can last up to 12 months, with the process duration depending on hair length and texture.

For short, highly kinky hair, the process can last up to 30 minutes. Regular touch-ups every three to six months are necessary to maintain the straightened look.

While you can follow certain steps to apply these techniques at home, visiting a quality hair salon remains the best option for satisfactory results.