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What are the solutions for Receding Hairlines ?

For some women, it’s becoming increasingly common to notice a gradual loss of hair at the front of the head, known as receding hairlines.

Hair represents a natural beauty asset that enhances the physical appearance of both women and men who have it.

Such a situation can lead to self-consciousness and complex feelings, especially as receding hairlines tend to worsen over time.

It’s crucial to understand the underlying causes to effectively implement solutions to address this issue.


Causes of Receding Hairlines

receding hairlines

To better address receding hairlines, it’s necessary to understand their causes. It’s important to know what leads to this gradual hair loss at the front of the head.

There are several causes of receding hairlines. Here are some of them.


Traction Alopecia

This is the primary cause of receding hairlines in both men and women. Traction alopecia occurs when you wear hairstyles that pull on the scalp excessively over many years.

Traction alopecia fatigues the hair follicles at the root, leading to gradual and massive hair loss.

As a result, the hair that grows back becomes less rigid or strong.

When subjected to strong pulling, these hairs will fall out, making way for even weaker ones, and the cycle continues.

However, there are other forms of alopecia besides traction alopecia.


Hairstyles that Cause Excessive Pulling on the Scalp

Several braids or specific hairstyles tend to exert excessive tension on the hair at the front.

Frontal hair is known to be very delicate and lacks volume.

Therefore, it’s preferable not to wear certain hairstyles or braids on the head when you have limited hair volume at the front or around the edges.

Instead, opt for simple hairstyles that exert no pressure on your delicate front hair.


Use of Chemical Hair Products

In addition to traction alopecia, it’s also proven that the use of hair products that don’t suit your hair’s texture can lead to hair loss.

These products typically include gels containing alcohol and hair creams with a high pH level. Such products can weaken the hair cuticles, making them very prone to breakage.

Receding hairlines in men or women are the result of the gradual disappearance of hair at the front of the head due to their fragility accelerated by the use of harmful hair products or chemicals like relaxers.


Solutions for Receding Hairlines

Now that you have an idea of the various origins or underlying causes of receding hairlines or hair loss at the front of the heads of both men and women, let’s move on to the solutions to address them.

hair mask alopecia

Apply Protein Masks and Regular Massages

Protein masks are highly effective in combating the fragility and frequent breakage of hair at the front.

These masks should essentially be applied at frequencies of your choice, preferably once or twice a quarter.

Protein masks provide more strength and vitality to the hair, ensuring they remain well-hydrated and promoting faster growth.

In parallel, you should consider massaging your scalp frequently.

For this, you’ll need to use appropriate oils and make circular motions during the scalp massage.

The goal is not to rub the scalp but to provide gentle and deep massage to the hair.

It’s essential to be gentle in this practice to prevent hair damage and allow them to absorb the oils properly.


Use Oil Treatments

receding hairlines

To no longer have to deal with receding hairlines in men or women, you can resort to oil treatments.

This practice is simple, recurrent, and allows you to stimulate hair growth at the front of your head easily.

When using oil treatments, you must:

  • Carefully choose the types of oils to use for effectively stimulating the growth of your baby hair. Castor oil, sesame oil, fenugreek oil, or mustard oil are specific types of oil accessible to everyone that help with the regrowth of your hair at the front of your head.

  • Ensure the quality of these oils by choosing the most reliable sources for purchase. Additionally, you should apply these oils regularly. For each oil treatment you do, it is recommended to add between three and five tablespoons of oil, depending on the type.

  • Don’t forget to warm the mixture using a double boiler. Once the double boiler is ready, cover your scalp with an appropriate cap for about 30 minutes.


Use Hair Lotions

Using hair lotions is also a practice included in the care routines designed to treat receding hairlines.

Rice water is a good example. It’s easy to obtain and will strengthen the hair at the front of the head due to its small volume and fragility. To make rice water, it’s simple:

  • Soak one measure of rice in two measures of water. After three days, your rice water is ready to use to combat receding hairlines in women.

On the other hand, there is also peanut milk. It contains enough proteins useful for the regrowth of your hair and for addressing receding hairlines.

It is richer than rice milk and is more suitable for the delicateness and fragility of the hair at the front of the head. To make peanut milk:

  • Soak half a glass of peanuts in about one liter of water for approximately 24 hours.

  • Blend and strain the resulting mixture, and you’re good to go. This peanut milk should be applied to your scalp very frequently.

Note that due to its high protein content, you should not forget to use a hair moisturizer or hydrating cream right after applying peanut milk.

The last example of a hair lotion mentioned here is hibiscus juice.

It has the ability to stop hair loss while promoting regrowth. You can make this mixture by simply infusing hibiscus leaves in water.


Exercise Patience and Tolerance

To address receding hairlines, it’s necessary to exercise patience.

You shouldn’t expect significant results very early on. Give your hair time to accept the care you provide and absorb it.

As simple as it may seem, patience is key. It’s with time that you’ll rediscover the presence of baby hair and put an end once and for all to hair loss in both women and men.

Understanding the hair’s life cycle and being patient is crucial.

In summary, you should handle your hair delicately, especially at the front of your head.

These hairs are fragile and very fine, and they can easily fall out, leading to receding hairlines.

To address this issue, it’s important to adopt precise hair care techniques to prevent hair loss.