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Les secrets de loly : I tested it!

Today, we’re sharing our thoughts on Les Secrets de Loly!

In the realm of hair care, Les Secrets de Loly is one of the brands making waves worldwide.

This French brand offers a wide range of hair care products catering to all hair types, from wavy to straight, as well as curly, kinky, or coiled hair.

In this article, discover the Les Secrets de Loly brand along with my review of its products.

Les Secrets de Loly : A Brand of Reference

Kelly Massol, a passionate DIY cosmetics enthusiast, is the genius behind all the brand’s products for several years.

All products are developed by her, sometimes with external assistance. In terms of composition, there’s truly nothing to criticize. The emphasis is on ultra-natural ingredients, and all products are handmade.

Les Secrets de Loly is a 100% cruelty-free and completely vegan brand.

These are two qualities that have propelled the founder to the top of the international market, making her a reference in the world of natural hair care.

Her products are made from meticulously chosen natural ingredients to ensure the desired effect.

What’s even more interesting is that they are eco-friendly, as they are presented in recyclable packaging.

Moreover, Les Secrets de Loly hair care products are labeled EcoCert Cosmos Natural. This means we’re dealing with organic hair care products.


Les Secrets de Loly : Products for Every Hair Care Need

With its wide range of treatments, Les Secrets de Loly offers the opportunity to create a complete hair care routine.

Thanks to the brand’s natural products, all types of hair care are possible.

For shampooing, Les Secrets de Loly offers the following products: Sunshine Clean, Bubble Dream, and Perfect Clean.

Pink Paradise, on the other hand, is a conditioner. There’s also a wide choice of styling gel or leave-in products such as Boost Curl, Smoothies, Magic Twist, and Kurl Nectar Gel.

For masks, there are essentially four products: Curl Remedy Cocktail, Tropical Detox, Growth Serum, and Repair Time.


Les Secrets de Loly : Affordable Products for Every Hair Type

avis secret de loly

One of the things that contributes to the reputation of this hair care brand is that its products are perfectly suited to all hair types.

Thus, there are products suitable for textured hair like curly, kinky, wavy, or coiled hair…

For straight hair too, there are treatments that suit them. For example, the Smoothies are very effective for nourishing and hydrating if your hair is dry.

Regarding the quality-price ratio, it’s quite satisfying. The prices of Les Secrets de Loly products range from 15 euros to 30 euros.

A delivery service is also available on the brand’s official website and is free for purchases over 75€.


Review of Les Secrets de Loly Products


Boost Curl and Kurl Nectar: Usage and Review

Soin sans rinçage

Boost Curl and Kurl Nectar are the brand’s most well-known products and are highly appreciated by curly hair.

They are also leave-in treatments and can be used on both dry and wet hair.

Boost Curl is a slightly sticky, transparent gel.

It helps maintain curls and prevents (slightly) frizz.

The Kurl Nectar leave-in, on the other hand, is a white cream, quite rich with a thick consistency. It nourishes the hair and prevents frizz.



It’s recommended to use them together, starting with Kurl Nectar first.

Apply it upside down on your wet hair after washing them. Then, it’s the turn of Boost Curl, which you’ll apply by scrunching your curls.



Boost Curl smells like chewing gum, which is pleasant.

Its gel-like texture sets curls well. Combined with the Kurl Nectar leave-in, it produces a more satisfying and long-lasting result.

The curls are well defined and last longer.

The result is quite uniform with beautiful curls. Nothing like the sticky and cardboard-like result from other brands…


Review of Les Secrets de Loly: Perfect Clean Shampoo and its Composition


Perfect Clean Shampoo comes in the form of a transparent gel with a light, pleasant scent. Not only does it clean well, but it’s also sulfate-free and silicone-free: two molecules that are not good for the scalp.

However, its composition includes guar gum and a quaternary ammonium.

These elements are used to detangle and condition the hair. It can’t be said that this is really useful in a shampoo.


Review of Les Secrets de Loly: Pink Paradise Conditioner with Grapefruit Scent and Silicone-Free

Pink Paradise Après-Shampoing

Pink Paradise Conditioner is ultra-gentle and has a grapefruit scent.

This tangy scent of the Pink Paradise Conditioner is quite pleasant and very original!

With its extreme gentleness, it can be used in “no-poo”. It’s also very effective in making hair shiny and detangling.


Review of Les Secrets de Loly: Hair Smoothies

avis secrets de loly

They have a texture similar to that of a day cream, except here, it’s applied to the hair.

It helps to nourish and hydrate the hair. In addition to its super moisturizing action, this texture is non-greasy, but you shouldn’t use too much.

This could leave a material effect on fine hair.

These hair smoothies have the quality of penetrating the hair fiber well.

Moreover, only a small amount is needed to nourish and perfume the hair.

They are therefore economical. As for the scent, there’s nothing to complain about. Its vanilla ylang fragrance is very pleasant and very gourmet.


Review of Les Secrets de Loly: Growth Serum

serum de croissance cheveux afro

It’s an oil that stimulates hair growth. Whether on textured or straight hair, it repairs the hair fiber and prevents breakage.

It even relieves scalp itching.

With its formula based on 12 vegetable oils and essential oils, the growth serum from Les Secrets de Loly can be used for oil baths or as a finishing oil.