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10 things you need to know about hair perming

Ombré hair acajou

Hair perm is one of the many hairstyles for women that could delight you.

In the past, this hairstyle was fashionable, and many women relied on it to make a good impression and enhance their physical beauty.

After disappearing, this hairstyle is making a comeback in hair salons, and it is highly recommended.

In this guide, you will have the opportunity to discover ten essential things about this type of hairstyle called a perm.


What do you mean by hair perm?

Ombré hair acajou, permanente des cheveux

It is a technique used to curl or style your hair while changing its texture.

The purpose of this technique is to obtain curls or waves of varying tightness with your own hair.

If you have flat hair, this method will help increase its volume.


Perm: for what type of hair and what lengths?

It is not limited to a specific hair type. It actually suits all hair types.

Regardless of your hair length, it can adapt to provide noticeable curls.

While perms are commonly associated with long or medium-length hair, they are achievable with short hair as well.

With different sizes of rollers available, you can easily achieve beautiful curls.

Do not think that it will be difficult for the hairdresser if you have straight hair.

On the contrary, the product used will penetrate your hair fiber to optimize hair growth.


Does a perm damage hair or not?

The perm itself is not damaging to your hair. However, keep in mind that hair can quickly become dry due to the perm. For this reason, we recommend moisturizing and nourishing treatments.

Thanks to these treatments, your hair will no longer tend to dry out after the perm.

However, you should avoid perms if your hair is sensitive, damaged, or fine.


What is the duration of a perm?

permanente des cheveux

A hair perm has a remarkably long lifespan. As you can already tell by its name, it is meant to be permanent.

If your perm is successful, you will find that the curls remain intact for a period of about two to three months.

Only after this period will the curls gradually relax.

But do not expect your hair to return to its original state immediately after this perm duration.

Once hair is permed, it does not return to its straight state. You will need to cut the treated lengths to restore your hair’s initial shape.


How much does a perm cost?

Anything valuable or trendy always comes with a price, and a perm is no exception.

It is worth noting that not every hairdresser can do it. You must entrust the task to an experienced professional.

For a partial perm, the minimum price to expect is around twenty euros.

The price also varies depending on the salon and the professional.

So, you may end up spending over 100 euros for a full hair perm.


What is the procedure for getting a perm?

The actual hair perm process consists of three main phases:

  • Hair wrapping by the hairdresser around rollers (the size of the rollers is chosen based on the desired outcome);
  • Application of curling product to the hair to open up the hair cuticle, preparing it to take the shape easily and quickly;
  • Removal of rollers after a period of time and application of a neutralizing lotion to counteract the effects of the perm and close the hair cuticle.

At the end of this third and final phase, you are now sure that you have curls in your hair.

It is therefore successful, and you should now focus on its maintenance.


Hair perm before and after

Before and after the perm, your hair should not have the same texture.

If you see the same result afterward, it means the perm didn’t take.

Initially, before the perm, you have normal hair without any transformation.

After the perm, your hair should change texture and show visible curls to the touch.


How to maintain your perm?

type de boucles

It is very important to maintain your perm, especially when going to bed.

Just because it lasts two to three months doesn’t mean you should neglect its maintenance.

After all, you’ve spent euros to have it done! For maintenance, pay attention to certain details.

The first thing to do is to wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair.

By following this rule, the perm will be stable. Take good care of your hair by applying nourishing and moisturizing treatments.

This will prevent hair breakage. You can do touch-ups whenever you feel deformations in your perm.

The limit is two to three times a year. So do not consider the perm as a technique to be applied regularly to your hair.


Is it possible to straighten hair after a perm?

With the perm already, the hair is quite straight. It would be best if you did not straighten it again.

By straightening it immediately, you risk damaging your hair.

If afterward, you find that it doesn’t suit you well, you’ll have to cut your hair.

When they grow back, you’ll have your hair back to its initial state.


Is it possible to dye hair after a perm?

Hair with a perm is quite sensitive.

To avoid affecting this sensitivity, you should wait a few weeks before coloring it.

The waiting period can extend to 15 days. After that, you can dye your hair if you wish.

But be careful not to affect the sensitivity of your scalp and hair!

To avoid these hair aggression accidents, it would be preferable for you to skip the coloring.


In the past, hair perm made a strong statement in the world of women’s hairstyles.

Even today, this technique has resurfaced and is making its mark in the world of women’s hairdressing.

It is a perfect technique that adds to your beauty.

With it, you are entitled to curls in your hair.

After such a perm, take care of your hair while avoiding coloring and straightening.

It’s already time to make an appointment with your hairdresser!