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Men’s Durag: 15 inspirations and what you need !

durag hommes

For years, men’s durags have been considered the favorite accessory of gangs or urban neighborhoods in particular.

Even rappers use them daily. In some countries, wearing a durag to public places like schools is prohibited.

But today, we realize the importance of this accessory for men’s hair. So, what role does a men’s durag play?

If you want the answer to this question, please continue reading until the end.


What is a Men’s Durag?

durag homme

Before going to bed, women usually protect their hair to avoid damage or keeping it in poor condition.

To prevent staining the pillow or sheet with the products they regularly put in their hair, they also protect their hair.

They use several accessories to protect their hair. The most well-known tool for this task is the satin scarf or bonnet.

Concerned about men’s hair protection, another accessory for men has emerged. This accessory plays the same role as scarves for women.

So, while women use scarves and bonnets to cover their hair, men have durags at their disposal.


Why Use a Durag?

As you just read, the men’s durag is a very important accessory for hair protection. It is used for several purposes.

durag pour hommes

Maintaining Waves on Your Head

You probably know the famous artist/rapper Nelly. His look is so unique that he can easily be identified among many other artists.

The look of his hairstyle has been trendy for many years. Young people rush to this style and do everything to have it and keep it in perfect condition.

This look has several names: waves, 360 waves, or even 360 waves.

If you love these waves in your hair and already have them, now is the time to look for the necessary tips for maintenance.

Thanks to the men’s durag, you can now maintain the waves in your hair in good shape.

As your hair grows, it’s very difficult to maintain the waves. You’ll be forced to brush your hair regularly.

From now on, this won’t be necessary. You’ll just have to wear a durag on your head daily.

With this accessory, your hair will keep its original shape with intact waves. It will prevent them from frizzing.

In the evening, before going to bed, brush your hair and put on your durag. When you wake up, your hair will be in good shape with well-defined waves.


Comfort During Your Physical and Sports Activities

Since the beginning of the 21st century, having long hair has become the norm for many young people.

This practice has become so popular that you won’t see 2 out of 4 young people gathered without the majority having long hair on their heads.

Having long hair is great. But when it comes to sports, those same hair of which you are so proud will bother you.

During a workout session, they can come over your face. Discomfort could set in, and you’ll miss your session.

To prevent this, the durag is the best option. You’ll wear it every time you have a sports activity to practice.

Thus, your hair will be held inside the durag. You now have total comfort to easily practice any category of physical or sports activity.


Maintaining Texture Balance of Your Hair

Atmospheric pollution has direct repercussions on your hair. With this pollution, you risk having dry, damaged, and fragile hair.

To avoid such things, we recommend wearing a men’s durag. Thanks to this, you protect your hair from dust and sunlight.

After applying your various hair care products, put on your durag. It perfectly improves the texture of your hair.

With it, you’ll have well-hydrated and very soft hair. Understand that the benefits of men’s durag are numerous.


How to Choose Your Men’s Durag?

durag homme velours

The market offers a variety of men’s durags. When choosing yours, be sure to check the manufacturing material.

Different fabrics are used for durag production. You’ll find several models made of:

  • Silk
  • Velvet
  •  Mesh
  •  Satin
  •  Cotton

Silk durag is the most recommended model because of its aesthetics and the perfect shape it gives to your hair.

If you want something very light, opt for a satin durag. Velvet is suitable for those who want to feel compressed.

If it’s just the style of the accessory that interests you, choose a mesh model. However, you also have lightweight and stylish cotton durags available on the market.

Since taste is relative, choose the color and pattern of your durag according to your preferences.


How to Wear a Men’s Durag?

Putting on a durag on your head is not complicated. Put the accessory on your head, adjusting its center to the middle of your head.

The strings on each side should be wrapped and crossed behind your head. Position them so that your ears can be seen.

Compress the whole thing while making a knot behind your head.


Here are a few models to inspire you

Several roles are played by a durag. Its main role is to protect and maintain your hair in perfect condition.

The durag comes in different colors, patterns, and materials. It’s up to you to choose the one that seems most appropriate.

Highlight your tastes and preferences in terms of production materials, colors, and patterns when choosing such an accessory.

Wearing it is nothing magical. It’s very easy to tie just like women tie their scarf on their head.