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The solutions for dry and coarse Afro Hair

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For your own comfort and the well-being of your scalp, having dry and coarse Afro hair is not very pleasant, especially when you’re doing everything to avoid such a situation.

Often, when your Afro hair becomes too dry, hair loss is almost inevitable.

However, the ultimate goal is to minimize breakage or hair loss as much as possible.

So, if you find yourself with dry and damaged Afro hair from time to time, or all the time, don’t worry.

Here, we first help you understand the causes and then take the time to offer you some simple and accessible solutions that you can apply to remedy the situation.


Why Do You Have Dry and Coarse Afro Hair ?

Afro hair is naturally more common in people of African descent living in arid regions. It’s a hair type that helps protect against solar radiation due to its shape and texture.

However, for various reasons, it can easily become dry and coarse in no time. Let’s explore the possible causes of dry and brittle Afro hair.

dry coarse afro hair

Lack of Hair moisturization


You must keep your hair moisturized if you want it to be healthy and beautiful.

The rule is simple: moisturize your Afro hair every day if necessary, even over-moisturize it if needed.

You need to determine a moisturization frequency based on how quickly your hair starts to dry out.

Sometimes your hair may become dry, but you shouldn’t let your guard down or let your hair become dry regularly due to neglect.

So, if for any reason you notice that your hair is generally dry and brittle instead of being well-hydrated and beautiful, it’s important to be alert.

The goal is not to panic to the point of accumulating stress to the detriment of your well-being.

In reality, it’s more about quickly becoming aware of the situation with your hair to opt for a corrective and personalized approach as soon as possible.

The lack of hydration or ineffective hydration will inevitably lead to breakage in the long run.


Failure to Detangle Your Hair

Hair care can quickly become a chore if you don’t find a simple and effective way to take care of it as soon as possible. Establishing a hair care routine, as simple as it may seem, can quickly become a nightmare.

Indeed, when you’re tired or when laziness gets the better of you, you tend to leave your Afro hair open to the air without any care.

As a result, you will notice that the tips tangle and create knots that are not very pleasant to look at or touch.

This common situation can cause your hair to become stiff or hard, leading to dry and coarse Afro hair.

Your hair’s texture will be such that you will have great difficulty handling it easily and showing it some love.

This series of discomforts can also occur if you don’t detangle your hair properly after washing it.


dry coarse afro hair

The Cyclical Nature of Afro Hair Condition

In addition to the two causes mentioned earlier, it is necessary to point out that in some cases, dry and brittle hair occurs cyclically in certain people.

In other words, you may notice that these people tend to wear certain hairstyles that dry out their hair and make it quite hard.

This will lead them to use moisturizing treatments and then return to the same hairstyles that significantly dehydrate their hair due to simple ignorance.

This cycle becomes infernal and can destroy your Afro hair in the long run.

This cause is quite common but requires a better understanding of your Afro hair before detection.


What to Do to Soften Dry, Coarse, and Brittle Afro Hair?

Having Afro hair is a wonderful thing that should be appreciated by all. To ensure that this pleasure continues, it is necessary to apply some essential tips.

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Apply Deep Moisturizing Hair Masks

This is the very first solution to implement when you notice that your hair becomes dry, hard, and brittle from time to time. It’s simple to replicate and helps your dry Afro hair regain or maintain its suppleness.

This suppleness allows you to take pleasure in caring for your hair or the hair of someone close to you (sisters, children, friends, etc.).

Naturally, the result is not immediate. You shouldn’t expect your hair to become supple within a minute after applying a moisturizing mask. You need to be patient, diligent, and consistent, especially if you want to achieve very supple or soft hair in the end.

In most cases, it would be more effective to apply a moisturizing hair mask at least once a week. This way, the desired softening for your hair will be more durable and stable over time.

A moisturizing or nourishing mask is a treatment for dry and brittle hair that contains components that work together to moisturize your hair.

The moisturizing mask is very rich in humectants and emollients. These two elements help your dry Afro hair retain the moisture and water it needs.

On the other hand, the greasy texture of the moisturizing mask allows dry and coarse Afro hair to be more easily manipulated.

The moisturizing/nourishing mask is a very effective solution not only to combat the appearance of dry and damaged hair but also, and above all, to help detangle your lengths and ends.


Avoid Handling Your Hair

We can’t stress this enough: dry hair will settle in gradually. Leaving your Afro hair constantly exposed to the air will make it dry out. The solution is therefore obvious: protective hairstyles.

The risk of knots forming will be significantly reduced, and your hair will also find it easier to retain moisture.

Consequently, it will always be hydrated and more malleable.

Before doing your protective hairstyle, you need to detangle your hair properly. I recommend using a detangling spray.

This spray will first moisturize your hair, making it easier to detangle later. You can also do an oil bath and leave it on for about thirty minutes.

It is also recommended to shampoo and condition your hair.

This makes detangling easier and cleans them deeply so that they are clean and beautiful.


Put an End to This Infernal Cycle

natural hair transition

This solution is simpler but requires more knowledge and a better focus on the evolution of your Afro hair.

Here, it’s about being attentive to the finest details to identify what is causing dryness.

It could be a hairstyle or habits that you constantly engage in but for which you see no improvement.

As soon as you find it, you simply need to break ties with this routine that does no good to your Afro hair.

For this, you will need to be very patient. You will also need to sharpen your sense of observation as much as possible.

Spot the irregularity that wreaks havoc on your Afro hair and put an end to it.

Now you have all the cards in hand.

You can take care of your Afro hair and prevent dryness. Better yet, you can also help someone close to you who keeps repeating: “I have dry and brittle Afro hair, what should I do?”