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Cutting split ends is essential for healthy hair !

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When you have curly or wavy hair, it is absolutely essential to maintain its length, and that inevitably involves trimming the ends (yes!).

This is a topic frequently discussed within the community.

To boast a good head of hair, proper hydration and a good hair care routine are also necessary.

If you want to promote growth and maintain the vital health of your hair, there will certainly come a time when you need a good pair of scissors, not for a haircut, but to get rid of those split ends.

If you’re not yet accustomed to this routine or see no purpose in it, we’ll explain everything here: why and when to trim your ends.


Let’s talk about trimming the ends.

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Over time, repeated external aggressions (heat treatments, coloring, climate), chemical straightening, friction, hair eventually becomes weakened, even damaged.

This damage is most visible in the length and at the ends.

You’ve probably noticed that the ends can be split, damaged, or brittle. Split ends can take on several forms.

For example, there are very thin ends, splitting into two or more, ends with right angles, ends curling in on themselves…

Regardless of their form, split ends always hinder the well-being and growth of the hair.

Unless you have taken the time to prevent them with appropriate care, the only solution is to trim them.

Whether you decide to trim your ends yourself or seek the help of a professional hairdresser, it’s always to start fresh.

So, it’s crucial to know when to trim your split ends to avoid any inappropriate decisions.


When should you trim your split ends?

If the signs are still unclear to you, know that it’s time to bid farewell to your ends if they start to deteriorate.

They become rough, especially due to lack of hydration, heat, or excessive handling.

So, if your ends are very dry and, despite your efforts, you can’t moisturize them properly, it’s time to trim them.

This thinning of the ends can also affect hair density (whether your hair is fine or thick), making it less voluminous.

It’s also time to trim straight ends if you feel that they are rough or coarse to the touch.


How to trim your split ends ?

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As a proud member of the natural hair community, you probably know that it’s entirely possible to trim your split ends yourself.

In this case, you should have specific, sharp scissors because they allow for a cleaner cut.

The first step is to put aside regular scissors to avoid worsening your split ends and damaging the length further.

You have two methods for cutting split ends :

The first is to take a small handful of hair, smooth it, and then cut the ends directly. With this technique, you’ll achieve a fairly precise cut.

To avoid using heat, you can also create braids or twists and then trim the ends. This method is simpler if you don’t want to go to a salon.

Second option: have your ends trimmed at a hair salon! You take no risks and ensure a perfect cut ๐Ÿ™‚