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Curling Your Hair : 12 Heat-Free Techniques

curling your hair

Curling your hair is undeniably beautiful, but the fear of damaging your hair with excessive curling iron use is common.

But, don’t panic! There’s an alternative.

Between influencers, various tips available on the internet, grandma’s tricks, and methods proven by hair professionals, there are numerous ways to curl your hair without using heat.

Use what you have on hand and enjoy the masterpiece.


1 – Saltwater Spray

Heat 500 ml of water, and once it’s warm, add coarse salt, about one tablespoon. Add another tablespoon of coconut oil and another of aloe vera.

And there you go! Start by detangling your hair, then spray the entire hair. Define the strands one by one with your hands.

Voilà, it only took 5 minutes to change your hairstyle.


2 – Braid Your Hair

curling your hair


You can curl your hair with braids. Divide the hair into three, then intertwine the strands. Finally, tie at the end.

Here, note that you’ll get a different result depending on the thickness of the intertwined strands and the number of braids you make. Proceed on damp hair and keep the braids overnight. In the morning, finger-comb your hair gently.


3 – Using a Headband

You can curl your hair without damaging it. To do this, you can use:

  • a headband,
  • a scarf, or
  • a headband.

However, avoid accessories that are too wide and opt for a slightly narrow fabric band.


4 – Wrap with Velcro Rollers

Granny’s rollers are back in style. Velcro rollers are readily available. Just wrap the strand around the roller.

Simple! Note that the roller’s diameter is crucial, determining the curl size. The larger the diameter, the bigger the curls.


5 – Macarons

Another trick you have for achieving curly hair without using a curling iron is using macarons. Here, you won’t have to look far; the technique used is that of a bun.

Similar to braids, you can choose the number of macarons: with several small tightly packed macarons, you’ll get small curls, while with just one, you’ll achieve much softer waves.


6 – Use Pantyhose for Braiding

It had to be thought of: using pantyhose to braid your hair without heat. This is a trick that’s gaining popularity on Instagram.

The technique is quite simple: put pantyhose on your damp hair at the top of your head so that you have a leg hanging on each side.

Then, you just have to braid the hair on each side using one leg of pantyhose and two hair strands. Note that the pantyhose leg replaces the 3rd strand.


7 – Using a Sock

This is also a trick developed by influencers on Instagram. It must be admitted that it’s quite an original tool for curling your hair.

Here, you can separate the hair into many sections (as many as you want). Then, attach the sock to the root of a strand.

Note that the opening of the sock should be downward. Wrap the strand around the sock.

Do this until you reach the tip. Then, turn the sock over and secure with a pin.


8 – Creating Curls with Paper

Here’s an old trick that also allows us to easily get curls without heat.

Here, you need to have at hand various tissues, aluminum foil, or even toilet paper.

Using this trick will give you well-defined waves that are completely natural.


9 – Use Hair Spray

On your lengths, spray hairspray. Create two twists, not too tight and thick enough.

Now, you’ll have to pull them up into big buns and then dry them with a hairdryer.

Unroll your hair. Results: they are naturally wavy without a curling iron. If you want wavy hair quickly, this trick is for you.


10 – With Loose Braids

box braids

Make many twists and many somewhat messy braids. Now, apply hairspray on them.

Pull them up to the top of your head and then tie them. Keep this overnight before undoing the twists and braids in the morning.

You’ll surely wake up with beautiful waves.


11 – A Crown of Twists

You want to curl your hair completely naturally; well, here’s a very good method for you. Take your hair and divide it into two equal parts.

Once you have the two parts, twist each of them. To get a crown, bring the twists up to the top of your head.

You can leave it like that all night or throughout the day. This trick has a real advantage; it allows you to keep the hairstyle all day.

To get your waves, you can then undo the twists.


12 – Hair Plopping

curling your hair

But, what is it again? Does this term mean anything to you? We talk about it in detail via this link.

To be able to do it, you’ll need to equip yourself with a preferably cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel.

Leaning your head forward, use either to dry your hair. Now lay the fabric flat and then place your hair in the middle.

Around your head, fold the fabric. Leave it for a few hours to let the hair dry well.

The result is magical.


The well-being of your hair is very important.

If you plan to curl it naturally, here are 12 techniques mentioned earlier that can help you achieve very beautiful results.