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My name is Djen, and I am a curly and kinky hair coach!

After several failures in my hair journey, I decided to help all the women who feel helpless when it comes to their curly and kinky hair achieve their hair goals and transform their lives.

Whether through my Instagram account (@kinkycrepus) or my website, I do my best to provide maximum value to the people who follow me.

On a daily basis, they require care and regular maintenance—our hair.

Shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums… There are tons of products that cater to different hair types, lengths, and colors. On our end, we focus on kinky hair. Beautiful in its natural state, as supported by the “natural hair movement,” we celebrate them on


The beauty of kinky hair

Hair is an essential aspect of beauty that can sometimes be neglected due to a lack of knowledge on how to care for it without making mistakes. Who hasn’t stood in front of the mirror wondering what to do?

We’ve been in that situation before, and fortunately, we’ve found some very practical solutions. So why not share them with everyone?

That’s precisely why was created. In this space, I aim to shine a spotlight on the world of kinky hair.


Tips, advice…

On my blog, I provide a range of articles for the well-being of our hair. You’ll find effective tips, for example, to give your hair a boost in growth.

These are tips we’ve tested and know to deliver results, and we’re here to share them.

There’s also plenty of advice on hairstyles to choose from and hair care routines to establish to ensure your hair stays healthy in the long run. is your coach, a friend who wishes you well by providing answers to the questions you have.

In fact, I’ve already helped hundreds of women and children better understand and care for their natural kinky hair.

And now, could it be your turn?

See you soon, Djen.